This support article will show how to add a Service (SRV) record. These DNS records are use for auto-configuration of various services such as SIP, XMPP, Lync and Office 365.


  1. Log into the Conetix Control Panel.
  2. Click on the "Home" tab > In the Domain Management Section click on "All My Domains":
  3. From the list of DNS Hosting click on the domain
  4. Click on "DNS Zone" tab
  5. Click "New Record"
  6. Your provider of the service you're adding the SRV record for should provide the details required. Here's an example for SIP:

    N.B Service and Protocol are separated by a "."

    Click Save to add the record.

  7. Once saved, make sure you allow at least 10 minutes for the DNS changes to be live to the world.

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