By default, Microsoft SQL Server will use all of the available system memory (RAM) to cache lookups and for temporary indexing.  While this is a great option on a dedicated SQL server, it will cause issues when it’s installed alongside other software such as IIS or Act!. This article will show you how to login to the server and limit the memory.

Despite reducing the memory, in most instances this has a postitive effect on performance and certainly on stability. Conetix highly recommends that this procedure is run on all Act! based VPS’s.


  1. As the Administrator, login to your VPS.
  2. Click on Start, then click on Run:
    act - limit sql server memory - start -> run
  3. Type in “actdiag” and click OK.
    act diag run
    This will open the Act! Diagnostics tools.
  4. Click on the Server menu and select Server Settings:
    act! diag - server settings
  5. This will open up a warning message, informing you that you are making technical procedures. Click Yes to proceed.
  6. In the Server Memory tab, you should see a Minimum and Maximum slider. Adjust the Maximum slider to lower the available memory down from the full server amount:
    act! diag - server memory 

    Note: The amount to reduce this by will be dependant on your individual database size and Act! configuration. Please consult with the Conetix support team to help determine the correct value.

  7. Click on Apply and close Act! Diagnostics. This reduced memory setting will become effective immediately.

If you have any difficulties setting the memory as per the procedures able, please feel free to call or email the Conetix support team for assistance.

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