Disk space is critical for your Server to display websites and function as a whole. Low or no free disk space causes problems on the server. Websites may not display and database corruption can occur. Below we’ll outline the most common issues and our recommendations on how much free space you should maintain.

Issues Caused by Low Disk Space

  • Updates can’t be applied to your server.
  • Websites fail to serve/load.
  • Backups fail to complete or fill your server.
  • Database(s) may become corrupt and require restoration from backup.
  • Email can’t be sent or received.


Conetix recommends maintaining at least 10% or your largest website as free space on your server. Whichever is higher.
This ensures Plesk updates and your website backups will complete successfully.

Managing Your Disk Space

Advanced Monitoring

For the vast majority of clients we recommend setting your Plesk Advanced Monitoring alerts to 80% for disk space. This allows you to stay on top of your disk usage without checking available space every day.

Checking Website Space Use

If you find that your disk usage is nearing 90% you can use the Disk Usage Extension to check where your largest files and websites are.

If you’re just looking to see your overall subscription disk use you can use our disk space usage breakdown article to investigate.

What if I can’t reduce my disk space?

If you find that your disk usage has increased and cannot be reduced due to your business growing, we’d recommend purchasing more disk space. We offer additional disk space in 10Gb increments for all our VPS subscriptions.

If you need assistance finding or confirming large files on your server or if you’d like to discuss upgrade options please contact our friendly support team!

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