The following support article demonstrates how to prevent search engine robots from indexing your development site until it is ready to be made live. This is to help prevent duplicate content issues and to avoid placeholder and/or incomplete data being indexed and associated with your website.


  1. Once you are in the Subscription of the domain you are looking to edit.
  2. Then, in the WordPress tool kit select the name of the WordPress installation you’d like to prevent bots searching by clicking on the blue text hyperlink.
    Prevent Search Engines - Select Site
  3. On the far right in the WordPress toolkit under developer tools, find search engine indexing and click on the toggle:

  4. You can verify the changes by seeing the toggle changed to grey, additional there will be a notification on the top right:

  5. Following this process will prevent Search engines (like google.com or bing.com) from indexing and listing your site.

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