Deflate, using gzip compresses your Website before sending the files to a clients browser. This reduces the amount of content they will have to download before a page will appear, making your Website load faster. As this can reduce the bandwidth of downloading HTML and CSS by up to 80%, it is by default Deflate is enabled on all of our servers.

You can confirm that gzip is enabled by using the Google Chrome Developer Tools using the instructions below.


  1. Open your web page in Google Chrome. 
  2. Press the F12 button, this will open the DevTools in Chrome.

    NOTE: Moving the DevTools to the bottom of the window makes this process easier.   

  3. Select the 'Network' tab, then refresh the page. 


  4. Look for a 'Name' that matches the name of your Website. If you are having issues finding the correct file, sort by 'Waterfall' and the file will be either the first or last in the list.


  5. Double click on the file and select headers.


  6. Under 'Response headers' you are looking for the 'Connection-Encoding' field, it will say gzip if it is enabled.

    NOTE: By default, Deflate is enabled on all of our servers.

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