This support article demonstrates how to set up an email catchall using the Control Panel. A catchall will allow you to receive legitimate emails that have been sent to non-existent email accounts, for example in the case of misspelling. Conetix recommends that this is only used in temporary situations and should not be a permanent solution.


Note: The email account that catchall emails are to be delivered to MUST be regularly cleaned out and unwanted emails deleted from the server to prevent disk space being used up.  

  1. Login to your account via the Conetix Contol Panel or directly via Plesk.
  2. Click on the "Mail" tab.
    how to create a catchall email account
  3. Click on "Change Settings".
    how to create a catchall email account
  4. Under "Settings" select "Forward to address" and enter and the email to be used as the catchall. For this example, "" will be used. This mail box must be active prior to settings the catchall up. Click "OK".
    how to create a catchall email account
  5. Mail that is sent to a non-existent user will be forwarded to

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