The following support article demonstrates how to create a new client and a hosting subscription in Plesk. While you can create a client and then later add a subscription, this method demonstrates how to perform both tasks at the same time. The main advantage of attaching a subscription to a client, as opposed to setting it up directly under the Plesk administrator’s account, is ease in management. This is especially relevant as you continue to add new subscriptions to Plesk. 


  1. Once logged in to Plesk, click on “Customers” and then “Add New Customer”.
    Plesk subscription and client creation
  2. Enter the contact information of the customer for which the hosting is being set up.
    Plesk subscription and client creation
  3. Under “Access to Panel” create a username and password for the customer, and keep a record for future use. These details are the details the customer will use to access Plesk for their single hosting subscription.
    Plesk subscription and client creation
  4. To set up the subscription you will need to configure the following:
    [A]Under “Subscription” ensure “Create subscription for the customer” is ticked.
    [B] Enter the domain name for the subscription. Unless the subscription requires a static IP address, use the default shared IP address. 
    [C] The “Username” and “Password” fields are the FTP details for the hosting subscription. 
    [D ]Under “Service plan” you will need to select the relevant hosting plan you want for this subscription. 
    [E]If you are installed any add ons, such as Web Presence Builder, select them from the "Available" list and click the ">>" button so that the add on appears under "Selected"
    Click “OK”
    Plesk Subscriptions
  5. Under “Subscriptions” you can see the new client and subscription has been created.
    Plesk subscription and client creation

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