This support article will step you through the process of adding a forward to an existing Mailbox.

Enabling a Forward on a Mailbox can be done for one or more of the following reasons;

  • When you have multiple email accounts and wish to only have to access one of them
  • For when staff members leave and instead of removing the Mailbox you keep it active and forward on incoming emails
  • When you have an email with an external provided and wish to forward incoming emails.

When setting up a forward on a mailbox it is recommended that the mailbox also is disabled, as leaving it on does cause the email that comes into the mailbox to sit there and take you space on the server.


The process laid out below can be used for Plesk Obsidian and Onyx.


  1. On the Left-hand side you want to click on Mail:
    how to forward an email address in plesk
  2. Click on the email account where the forwarding it to be applied. In this example, it is ““.
    how to forward an email address in plesk
  3. Click on the “Forwarding” tab:
  4. Tick “Switch on mail forwarding”. Then enter the email address(es) to which mail is to be forwarded.
  5. Click “OK”. 
    how to forward an email address in plesk
  6. Click on the “General” tab. You can now see that a forward has been applied to ““.
    how to forward an email address in plesk

All emails from will now be forwarded through to .

If you have any problems with configuring the forwarding, please feel free to contact the Conetix support team for further assistance.

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