This support article shows you how to add and forward your email to another account. Forwarding email is handy when you have multiple accounts or for when staff members leave and you want the emails sent through to an existing staff member.

The email account can be an existing account within your existing hosting with Conetix or to an external provider (eg to Gmail).  This examples here will be forwarding  to .


  1. In the Conetix Control Panel, click on the “Mail” tab:
      Control Panel - Mail tab
  2. Click on the email account where the forwarding it to be applied. In this example it is ““. 
  3. Click on the “Forwarding” tab:
  4. Tick “Switch on mail forwarding”. Then enter the email address(es) to which mail is to be forwarded. Click “OK”. 
  5. Click on the “General” tab. You can now see that a forward has been applied to ““. Click on ““. 


  6. Untick “Mailbox” and then click “OK“:
  7. You can now see the “” now has no mailbox, however the forward is still active. 

All emails from will now be forwarded through to .

If you have any problems with configuring the forwarding, please feel free to contact the Conetix support team for further assistance.

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