The following support article outlines how to order an SSL certificate through Conetix which includes a free static IP and free installation. This article is for sites hosted with Conetix, however we do still sell certificates for sites not hosted with Conetix for those who manage infrastructure elsewhere.

Selecting an SSL type

To order an SSL certificate you’ll need to decide which type of SSL certificate you require. The main two types of SSL certificate we supply are domain validated SSL certificates and wildcard SSL certificates. 

A domain validated SSL certificate will only cover with the exact domain name as specified when generating the certificate eg "" or "".

A wildcard allows for the coverage unlimited sub-domains on a single certificate. This is a great option if you want all your sub-domains covered by a valid SSL certificate.

You can view our SSL certificate prices on our website.

Details required

Once you’ve decided the type of SSL you require, you just need to provide to the Conetix the following details:

  • The exact domain name
  • The business name
  • Your address (nothing will be sent here, its for reference)
  • The duration of the certificate (ranging from 1 – 4 years)

You will also need to nominate one of a predefined list of email addresses that a confirmation email will be sent to. From within this email there’s a link that goes to a form where you will need to accept the SSL order. The email address must be one of the following:

  • admin@””
  • administrator@“”
  • postmaster@””
  • webmaster@””
  • hostmaster@””

If you do not have access to one of the above domain names, and your mail is hosted with Conetix, let us know and we can help set it up for you at no extra cost.

Confirming the Certificate

Once you have submitted a request to Conetix we will order the certificate and the confirmation email will be sent to you. Once you have approved the link within the confirmation email the certificate can be generated. 

Configuring and installing

The next step is to update your hosting to have its own static IP address, which is included free with the SSL on our platform. If Conetix controls the DNS records for your website, we will take care of this step. If your DNS records are not controlled by Conetix, or you are not sure, please contact us to determine the best steps forward.

Once the site is on the new static IP address we’ll install and apply the certificate and email through a confirmation of a successful installation.

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