This support article guides you through the setup an out of an autoresponder, so that emails sent to this account will receive an automatic reply. This can be used for things such as:

  • Out-of-office responses while staff are on holidays
  • Instant reply with marketing material or support documents
  • Confirmation that the email has been received

For example, you could have an auto reply confirming that a customers order has been received or an out-of-office response while you’re on Christmas holidays.


  1. Login to the Conetix Control Panel (or directly via Plesk), and log in to Plesk following the steps in this guide: https://conetix.com.au/support/conetix-control-panel-login-plesk/.
  2. Click on the “Mail” tab.
  3. Click on the email account where the out of office reply is to be applied. For this example, “” will be used.
  4. Click on the “Auto-Reply” tab.
  5. The following will need to be setup:
    [A] Tick “Switch on auto-reply”.
    [B] Enter what the reply message will have as the subject heading.
    [C] Enter the message you that is to be sent as the reply.
    [D] OPTIONAL: You can set up a rule that email received get forwarded to a nominated email account.
    Click “OK”.
  6. Under the “Mail” tab you can see that the out of office reply has been added.

    We highly recommend sending a quick test to confirm the Autoresponder is working as expected.

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