This article aims to describe how to turn the Plesk Mail Service on and off for a specific Domain Alias.

If the service is left on and email is hosted offsite, for example with Google or Office 365, then all emails sent to your Domain Alias from the server will be deliver locally to the server, possibly causing ‘Undeliverable’ error messages.

To address this you just need to turn the local Mail Service off in Plesk.

This article is suitable for Plesk Onyx and Obsidian.


1. Click on Services

2. Click on the desired VPS or Shared Hosting Product you wish to Manage.

3. Click on Plesk

4. Select Websites & Domains

5. Scroll down to the affected Domain Alias, and Click on the Green Tick next to Mail Service to disable it.

6. Confirm that the Mail Service tick has now changed to a Grey Cross, indicating that the service has been successfully disabled.

The Mail Service on your selected Domain Alias has been turned off.

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