imunifyav scanning


Conetix uses a multi-layered approach to security, which involves the use of different security tools and services at different levels. One of these tools is ImunifyAV, which is a highly efficient malware and detection engine aimed directly at hosting environments. This also includes other malicious scripts, such as :

  • backdoors
  • web-shells
  • Viruses
  • hacker’s tools
  • blackhat SEO scripts
  • phishing pages
  • spam tools

At times, you may receive a notification from our systems that the scanner has detected a malicious file on your site and this should not be ignored. Conetix also receives a copy of this notification and may conduct a basic review of the information contained before contacting you.

For Virtual Private Server customers, ImunifyAV comes pre-installed for free. We can also upgrade your license for a very minor cost to the premium version (ImunifyAV+), which includes:

  • Greater scanning frequency (free is fixed at monthly)
  • The ability to cleanup infected files

This upgrade only takes a few minutes to complete, please don’t hesitate to contact to our team to upgrade your license and immediately benefit from the additional features.

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