This article will detail the process of adding a PFX Certificate on a Windows Server.


1. Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) into the Virtual Machine.

2. Upload your generated PFX Certificate to the Desktop.

3. Use Control+R on the Keyboard and enter MMC, then select ‘OK’.

4. Select File then Add/Remove Snapin.

5. Select Certificates and then Add.

6. Select Computer Account then select Next.

7. Select Finish.

8. Select OK.

9. Expand Certificates, right click Personal > All Tasks > Import.

10. Select Next, Browse Files. Navigate to the Desktop, change file type to all then select the relevant .pfx file.

11. Enter the PFX Password. Then select ‘Next’.

12. Select ‘Automatically select the cert store based on type of certificate‘ as shown below.

13. Select ‘Next’.

14. Remove the PFX File from Desktop and Recycling Bin.

You have successfully added a PFX File/SSL Certificate to your Windows Server.

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