This article aims to guide you through the process of installing the Acronis Cloud Backup Agent on your computer.


  1. Log into your Conetix Control Panel (https://admin.conetix.com)

    If you’re unsure of your password, please use the “Forgot Password?” link shown in the above screenshot

  2. Click the “Services Button”:
  3. Click “Managed Product” to the right of the subscription label “Acronis Cloud Backup”:

  4. If this is a new subscription, you must create an account for the Acronis Backup Portal.
    1. Click Create New Account:
    2. Fill out the required details ensuring you use an easily remembered Username.

      Your username must be all one word


    3. We recommend setting “Business notifications” to Errors and Warnings:
    4. Click Create
  5. Click Manage Backups:

    If this is a new subscription you will need to accept the End-User License Agreement and Privacy Statement

  6. On the Left click “Devices”:
  7. Then Click “Add” in the top right of the window:
  8. For a Physical Windows Computer Click “Windows” else select “Mac”:
  9. An installer will be downloaded, please run the installed once the download finishes.

    If prompted by User Account Control, select “Yes”

    Example screenshot is for the Google Chrome browser

  10. Once the installer is loaded, click “Install”:

    The application will now download and install the files required for Acronis to run.
    Do not close the installer, restart or put your computer to sleep while Acronis is installing.

  11. You are now prompted to register the computer to the Acronis Console, click “Show registration info”:
  12. A new window is shown, copy down your Registration Code where you can refer to it later.


    This code will be a combination of 4 sets of numbers with a dash in separating them: ABCD-EFGH

  13. Re-Open the Acronis Console
  14. Click “Add” again in the Devices window.
  15. Click “Register”.
  16. Input the code you noted down earlier into the “Registration code” Box.
  17. Click Check Code as shown above, your computer name will be visible in the example screenshot below (Please note we have blurred our computer name in this example):
  18. Click “Confirm registration” as shown above.
  19. Switch back to your installer.
  20. The installer will now show a message indicating setup is complete.

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