As an official Microsoft 365 Partner, Conetix may at times request additional permissions to your Microsoft 365 tenancy. This will be to assist with tasks such as:

  • Password resets
  • Adding email aliases
  • Redirecting email
  • Changing mailbox details
  • Update license details

Previously, the Microsoft permissions structure allowed us to access features without any additional layer of security. However, under the new Granular delegated admin permissions (GDAP) model, we have to explicitly request permissions to perform these actions.

To do so, we will generate a link in the Microsoft Partner Portal and email this link through to you to accept.

If you haven’t requested a change in Microsoft 365 or we haven’t informed you first, do NOT click on any links in emails requesting permission.

If you’ve previously received a permission request from Conetix for the same thing, this is because the requests are only granted for a specific period of time. If this time has expired, we’ll require to to grant access in order for us to assist you with any new requests.

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