This article serves to guide affiliate customers though migrating websites or customer websites to their VPS with Conetix via the Plesk Site Importer.


  1. Log into your Plesk server hosted with Conetix
  2. Select the subscription where the imported site will be hosted from subscriptions on the left
  3. Click “Website Importing”
  4. Switch to Advanced Mode
  5. Enter the Domain Name your are importing from
  6. Leave Source website URL empty
  7. Leave Source Document Root Empty
  8. Set Connection Type to FTP
  9. Enter the FTP or SSH username for the source website
  10. Enter the Password for the FTP or SSH username
  11. If your source FTP account has access to the home directory of the source hosting, change Files root to the direct path for your website files.
  12. Set Get list of files mode to FTP/SSH
  13. Set Way to transfer files to “Automatic”
  14. Set FTP server charset to UTF-8


In our example we are importing from test.yourdomainname.help to yourdomainname.help which are located on different servers.

  1. Click OK and Plesk will search for content to import on the source server
  2. If you are prompted that Plesk could not connect to the site via Secure FTPS, click YES
  3. Once Plesk connects to the source server you will be shown a new page listing all the sites available for import
  4. Tick the box to the right of the WordPress instance that requires importing
  5. Next Click Import and the import will begin
  6. Once the import completes, use the Plesk preview to view the site


Some images may not appear correctly in the Plesk Preview

  1. You can now update the website’s ‘A’ record to the IP displayed in your Plesk Panel. This should be completed at the current DNS host for the domain name.


Note you may need to also update the www record if it is a type ‘A’

  1. Once the ‘A’ record(s) have updated you should then install a Let’s Encrypt Certificate and test the website in an incognito window.

If you’re unsure on any of the above steps please contact our friendly support team.

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