ModSecurity is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) feature which is available with all Plesk servers. A WAF on your server can filter and block known, malicious requests before they can reach your application. Conetix uses and recommends the Atomic Standard rule set (free), which provides a basic starting point for implementing a WAF.

Occasionally, an error may occur when the rules update. This error may look like:

modsecurity update error

In most instances, this error can be ignored as it’s a temporary error. The rule set will update at the next specified time (we recommend weekly or monthly) and the current rule set will still be active. To remove the error, you simply need to click the x in the corner of the notification.

If you want to force an update to ensure the latest rules are available, it can be done via the following command:


plesk sbin modsecuritymng --install-ruleset --with-backup --ruleset=tortix


plesk daily UpdateModSecurityRuleSet


Conetix can offer the Atomicorp Advanced rules for an additional cost. These rules feature bot detection, CMS specific rules and more frequent rule updates for additional protection.

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