Released in January 2022, the latest Plesk 18.0.41 has made their Cgroups Manager available to all Plesk users at no additional cost. One of the main benefits of the module is to limit websites using too many resources, however the Conetix philosophy is not to limit nor punish a busy website.

However, the functionality does allow for additional monitoring and metrics to be viewed for your website.


This is applicable to business shared hosting for Linux based systems only. If you have your own Linux Plesk VPS, please contact Conetix for assistance with configuration.


  1. Login to your Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Under your Website subscription, enabled systems will have a Monitoring feature:
    plesk cpu and memory monitoring
  3. Click on Monitoring to load the information. This will display graphs for CPU and memory. For example:
    plesk cpu and memory monitoring
    plesk cpu and memory monitoring
  4. In the above graphs, we can see that the CPU usage dropped off at approximately 17:00 (5pm), which could indicate either a code change pushed or a site which mostly receives traffic during business hours.

This additional information can assist when you’re seeing performance issues with your site, installed new plugins or changed other parts of your website code.


  • Linux only. As Cgroups are a Linux kernel feature, this monitoring is only available for Linux based platforms (no Windows)
  • At this stage, Conetix has rolled the update out to a limited number of systems in order to ensure there’s no issue or negative impact on performance. As testing progresses, we’ll be rolling this out to all systems.
  • Disk I/O monitoring isn’t available for our platform. As the underlying disks are a combination of enterprise NVME and enterprise SATA drives, we don’t hit any performance issues nor limitations.
  • Centralised services such as MySQL / MariaDB aren’t included in the usage.

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