Plesk provide an extension to manage firewall rules on your Virtual Private Server (VPS) within Plesk, however this extension is outdated and will break your server. This is due to the extension using older methods to manage firewall rules, which aren’t compatible with modern standards.

As part of our standard security lockdown and performance optimisation which we apply to all systems, we use a standard set of firewall rules using the standard firewalld service. Our set of default rules ensures all required Plesk services can be accessed which means changes in most instances aren’t required.

This also ensures compatibility with other services such as Fail2Ban and Imunify360 which may or may not be installed on your VPS.

Plesk officially list the firewalld service as incompatible with the Plesk Firewall Extension.

If you require changes to be made for your VPS hosted with Conetix, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

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