This support article will describe how to enable .NET Core logging in Plesk for more detailed errors.
plesk - .net core enable logging


  1. Login into Plesk via the Conetix Control Panel.
  2. Once logged into Plesk -> Click on Website & Domains in the lefthand nav -> Dashboard tab -> .NET Core
    plesk - .net core enable logging
  3. Next under the Logs section, select the tick box Redirect stdout/stderr to a file.
    Click on the pencil icon and update Path to the log file directory to be logs.
    Then Apply.
    plesk - .net core enable logging
  4. Navigate and load Website in a Browser which will then write debugging entries in a stdout_*****.log file.
  5. To view the log file go to Files -> logs and click on the stdout_*****.log file which will open in Plesk File manger for viewing the results.
    plesk - .net core enable logging
  6. Example below of the log file to assist in diagnosing the issue/error.
    plesk - .net core enable logging
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