As with most hosting panels, Plesk allows you to add files to a ZIP archive to allow easy downloading of files. This can be particularly handy if you wish to download your whole website without downloading each individual file. When zipping files and folders please keep in mind; this does not remove the files from their original location. Zipping files only compresses them making it easier to move the files to a new location.

This article aims to guide you through zipping your httpdocs directory for easy download.


  1. Log into your Plesk Panel via your Conetix Control Panel or directly via username and password:
  2. Open File Manager:
  3. Navigate to your Home Directory by clicking the folder in the directory tree to the right:
  4. Tick the box to the left of the file or folder that you are zipping to have that file or folder added to the .zip file, in our example, we are zipping httpdocs:
  5. After you have selected all the required files, click the “Add to Archive” button:
  6. Enter an easily identifiable name for the ZIP file and click OK:
  7. Once the ZIP file is created it will be saved to the directory you were in when the “Add to Archive” button was pressed. In our case, the Home Directory folder.
  8. You can then download the file by selecting the download option in the hamburger menu to the right of the file:
  9. The file will now download to your computer.

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