This article will provide an overview of the process to setup a scheduled backup of your website. A scheduled backup will provide you with a historical copy of your site for future reference. This is a great way to enable a site to be rolled back to a particular day incase an issue is not picked up or a in case backup is not taken before a change is made. 

Note: While Conetix maintains backups of your website, we do so for disaster recovery purposes only. A full outline of our backup procedures is available here.


Warning: Backups will contribute to your storage quota if stored on the server. Please ensure that you have enough available space before proceeding.

  1. Navigate to the Backup Manager under your Plesk subscription: 
    plesk onyx - scheduling a backup
  2. Click on schedule
    plesk onyx - scheduling a backup
  3. Set how long you would like the backups to go back, 2 weeks is a good middle ground between disk space and backup history. Further storage can be purchased from Conetix at any time to allow for additional backups.
    plesk onyx - scheduling a backup
  4. This will display open a new screen asking what you would like to backup. As usually we’re only interested in the website for this backup, simply tick Domain configuration and User files and Databases leaving Mail Configuration and Content unticked. 
    plesk onyx - scheduling a backup
  5. Click OK to start the backup. You should see a confirmation that the backup has started: 
    plesk onyx - scheduling a backup
  6. The backup will now start at the next scheduled time. As the backups complete on their schedule, you’ll be able to see them from the Backup Manager screen.
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