In the event of receiving a resource over usage email notification, this support article describes how to identify disk space usage within your Plesk subscription.


  1. Log into your Conetix Control Panel and Access Plesk
  2. From the left hand menu, click on Statistics:
    plesk onyx - hosting diskspace usage by services
    This will display an overview of the space used and break down the usage per service (e.g. webmail, mail and databases).
  3. Usage statistics are scheduled to run and update on a daily basis, typically 4am.
    You can run a manual check on Usage anytime by clicking on Refresh usage stats.
    plesk onyx - hosting diskspace usage by services
  4. To explore/drill down through disk space usage per service we have the below support articles:

We highly recommend you ensure you have an off-site backup before deleting any files or remove any old backups.

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