This support article describes how to remove the SSL warning when viewing Web Statistics for your website hosting. By default the Website Statistics URL e.g. mydomain.com/webstat is protected by a password and SSL (if SSL support is enabled for your hosting).

Note: Conetix highly recommends the use of an external tool such as Google Analytics to provide higher accuracy stats and far more advanced features. The use of the in-built webstats should be considered a “last resort”.
There are 2 options available:

Option 1: Plesk offers the free SSL Let’s Encrypt Extension to create and install a SSL for your domain. Conetix Support article located here: https://conetix.com.au/support/plesk-obsidian-how-to-install-a-free-lets-encrypt-ssl/

Option 2: Disable SSL support for your hosting in Plesk which is outlined below.

Note: This option isn’t recommend.


  1. Log into your hosting.
  2. Click on Website & Domains tab:
    plesk onyx - web statistics page redirecting to https
  3. Click on Hosting Settings:
    plesk onyx - web statistics page redirecting to https
  4. Under the Security section uncheck the option SSL/TLS support:
    plesk onyx - web statistics page redirecting to https
  5. Click Ok to save the changes and test your Webstats URL e.g https://mydomain.com/webstat
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