This article will describe how to fix a common issue that occurs in Plesk where the WordPress Login button does not appear under the Subscription. If the site is configured correctly, you should see the following under your subscription:

If not, this article will step you through the process to configure.


  1. Login to Plesk and navigate to the Subscription, then select the WordPress from the right hand menu:
  2. If you don’t see any sites listed, you’ll need to scan for the site first:
  3. This will then scan for any WordPress sites within the subscription and add them into the toolkit.
  4. Once this is complete or a site has previously been scanned, select Setup:
  5. This will prompt you to select a WordPress Administrator user. If you don’t have the existing password, using this option will override the existing one:
  6. Click Change to save. You should now see the Login button within the full toolkit as well as within the Plesk overview page:

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