This support article describes how to remove a Website’s WordPress Installation from quarantine, specifically within the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk.

This should only be done if you are certain that the site is not infected, or in the case that the site was quarantined because of a false-positive such as a timeout while the WordPress toolkit was performing a refresh.


  1. Log in to Plesk via the Conetix Control Panel.
    a. If you have a VPS, you will need to log in to the VPS directly rather than through the Conetix Control Panel.
  2. Open the Websites & Domains page for the affected subscription, and click on the WordPress Icon under the affected domain to access the WordPress Toolkit.

  3. In the WordPress Toolkit, you will be shown a list of your WordPress installations, including one that should now be showing as Quarantined.

  4. Click the circular “Refresh” button in the top-right hand side of the quarantined domain, in order to refresh its status with WordPress Toolkit and release it from quarantine.

  5. Once refreshed, the site should now return back to its normal state within the WordPress Toolkit.


If you require any further assistance, please get in contact with our friendly support team.

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