This article describes how a VPS customer can remove a subdomain from within Plesk. This is useful for removing unwanted or unnecessary staging or development sites.


  1. Log in to your Plesk VPS
  2. Navigate to Subscriptions in the left-hand menu:
    removing a subdomain on a plesk vps
  3. On the right search for the subscription containing the domain you wish to remove:
    removing a subdomain on a plesk vps
  4. Once found, click the subscription/domain name to enter it:
    removing a subdomain on a plesk vps


Ensure that you have made the appropriate backups of any subdomains prior to deleting them.

  1. If you have multiple domains you will want scroll through the list, you can also use the
    Control + F search feature to find the subdomain.
  2. Once found click on the Remove Subdomain button:
    removing a subdomain on a plesk vps
  3. Click the Yes button to confirm the removal and deletion of the subdomain.
    removing subdomain
  4. If the website had an attached database it will need to be removed manunally.

If at any point you are uncertain of how to proceed, please get in touch with our Support team before removing anything.

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