rta email fine scam


There is currently an email scam going around where notification that appear to be from Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) or NSW State Debt Recovery regarding a speeding fine received in New South Wales. The contains a link to a fake where you can view the ticket/traffic images or pay the invoice. On clicking on the link, a file is downloaded and once opened your computer is infected. Computers that become compromised usually get infected with ransomware which encrypts the users files, and provides instructions by which they can pay a "ransom" fee to have the files unlocked. It is imperative that you do not pay this fee. The only way to recover the files is from previous backups, if they are available.

The Office of State Revenue has issued a notification regarding these scams which you can read here. However, as a general rule, fines from the Office of State Revenue are issued by post, or in person (eg on the spot fines), not via email. They also not that all official communication from their department will end in *.nsw.gov.au – all other email addresses should be treated as suspicious. 

If you are not sure about a fine, you can contact the Office of State Revenue via phone or email, or login to their self service portal.


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