The Conetix Anti-Spam Firewall (powered by Barracuda) provides a facility to quarantine email based on a numeric weighting. By default the quarantine function in the Barracuda Spam Firewall is turned off. Your email Administrator can enable this facility and define the numeric range that determines a spam email from an acceptable eMail. If an email's rating is determined to fall in the spam range it will be moved to quarantine mailbox instead of being blocked. Once per day the Barracuda Spam Firewall will send an email report to all users of a domain. The report lists all the emails that have been quarantined in the last 30 days with links to deliver emails you determine not to be spam.

Conetix does not recommend you automatically quarantine all your email, in almost all instances the more efficient method is to adjust the rules to eliminate false positives.


  1. Log into the Barracuda Spam Firewall: https://barracuda-3.conetix.com.au
  2. Navigate to Basic > Spam checking:
    setting up mail quarantine in barracuda.
  3. Untick "Disable" and set the score to a number below the block level, then click save.  
    setting up mail quarantine in barracuda.
  4. Navigate to Basic > Quarantine and check the quarantine type that is correct for your desired use. (Default is per-user):
    setting up mail quarantine in barracuda.
  5. Every user on your domain will now receive a quarantine report via email at 3:35PM:
    setting up mail quarantine in barracuda.
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