This article detail how to setup your emails through the Default Samsung Email App. Before getting started, ensure you have your email address, password and connection details on hand.


This mail setup may vary between Samsung Devices.


1. Open the Samsung Email App begin the process of Adding a New Email Account.

2. Select Other.

3. Enter your Email Account and Password and select Manual setup.

4. Select the relevant connection type for your mailbox. You can read more about the differences between these connections here.

5. Ensure your email address has been entered in correctly. Update the Username field to match your email address. Change your Incoming Server to the server or information provided to you by your email provider.

When connecting to Conetix Mail Servers, it is important to ensure that SSL (Accept all certificates) is selected. This will ensure that the Samsung Email App is able to connect with the Conetix Server.

6. When setting the SSL Type, you will be asked to Accept all certificates. Make sure to select Accept.

7. Enter your Outgoing Server settings. These settings will vary from setup to setup. Ensure you follow the connection details provided to you.

8. Once you have entered in all of your details, select Sign in. You will then be redirected to the Inbox of the Account you’ve just created. You have successfully setup an email account through the Samsung Email App.

If you run into any issues setting up your Conetix Email Account on a Samsung device, please get in contact with our Support Team.

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