Keeping your domains under one roof makes domain management a breeze. This article demonstrates how to transfer a domain to Conetix and what is required to complete it successfully.


Please note, that all generic top level domain names (.com, .net. .biz etc.) will take up to 5 – 7 days to transfer.

All .AU domain names will take anywhere between 2 and 5 days to transfer to Conetix and are FREE to transfer.

Most generic top level domain names will incur a 1 Year Renewal Fee on Transfer. When transferring a domain name, you will be informed of the costs (if any) which will be confirmed before proceeding with the transfer.

Transfer Requirements

To transfer a domain name, you will require the domain Auth Code (also known as the EPP Code) and access to the registrant contact email address.

A domain Auth Code provides an extra level of security for domain name registration and is applied immediately at registration. Retrieving your Auth Code will be slightly different between registrars.

You will also require access to the registrant contact email address. This is typically the email that was used when the domain was registered. If you no longer have access to this email address, you will need to get in contact with your current domain registrar to have it modified before beginning your domain transfer.

Once you have retrieved your domain Auth Code and confirmed you have access to the registrant contact email address, you will be able to initiate the domain transfer through the Conetix Control Panel.


If you are using a DNS Service which is included with your domain registration, your DNS zone will break when the domain transfer is initiated. We strongly recommend transferring your DNS Services to Conetix prior to the domain to ensure downtime is non-existant.


1. Login to the Conetix Control Panel and select Domains then select Transfer Domains to us on the left hand menu.

2. Enter your Domain Name and Authorization Code as shown below:

transferring a domain to conetix

When ready to continue, select Add to Cart.

3. Confirm your nameservers, Authorization Code and ID Protection, then select Continue.

transferring a domain to conetix

4. Confirm the cost (if any), then select Checkout.

transferring a domain to conetix

5. Confirm your Payment Details then select Complete Order.

.AU Domain Transfers

If you are transferring a .AU domain, an email will be forwarded through to the registrant contact on the domain asking you to approve the domain transfer. Once the URL in the email has been opened, the domain transfer will begin.

You have successfully initiated the domain transfer process.

Once the domain has finished transferring to Conetix, you will receive a notification.

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