UCEPROTECT is a Realtime Blackhole List system, which like many other RBL’s is used to reduce the amount of spam by ranking the IP address of the server sending the email.

However, unlike other RBL’s UCEPROTECT is a scam service designed to force you to pay to delist. This means, it’s in their best interest to list IP’s in order to generate more revenue. To make matters worse, they then target adjacent IP’s and even unrelated IP’s which share a common Autonomous System Number (ASN) to force ISP’s and hosting providers to pay more money to delist.

UCEPROTECT is a scam and should be removed from any mail filters.

Any email platforms which still use UCEPROTECT should be notified so that they remove this RBL from their system. There are dozens of better RBL’s to use, including paid services such as Abusix Mail Intelligence (used and recommended by Conetix) which are far more effective.

Conetix cannot guarantee the deliverability of email to external services where they use UCEPROTECT and will not pay to delist under any circumstances.

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