This support article will describe how to update Installed WordPress plugins via Plesk WP Toolkit.


Before applying any updates, create a backup of your WordPress Site. If an issue arises after applying updates, you can restore from your backup with minimum disruption to your WordPress site.


  1. Login into Plesk via the Conetix Control Panel:
  2. Once in Plesk access the WordPress Toolkit by Clicking on WordPress on the left-hand side of the screen:
    update plugins via wp toolkit
  3. Next click on the down arrow to manage your WordPress site.
    update plugins via wp toolkit

  4. Scroll down and click on updates.
    update plugins via wp toolkit
    update plugins via wp toolkit
  5. Tick the top checkbox to select all available Plugin updates, then Update.
    update plugins via wp toolkit
  6. Once completed, check Website to confirm no post update issues.


If one or some of your Plugin’s did not update the reason could be they are a paid premium plugin that requires a License to receive latest available updates.

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