This support article will step you through the process of uploading your website via FTP. 

Before uploading your new website, please ensure you take a backup of your existing website.


    1. Enter your website name (eg conetixtest.com), FTP username and FTP password. These details would have been emailed to you by Conetix.
      FileZilla - Connection Details
    2. Click Quickconnect and if the details are correct, you’ll see the remote files on the right hand:
      FileZilla - Remote Files (Plesk)
    3. Double click on the httpdocs folder, as this is where the website files are stored.
    4. Select the files you wish to transfer to the server:
      FileZilla - Select Files
    5. Right click on the files, and then select Upload:
      FileZilla - Upload
    6. This will start the files transferring. Depending on the number of files as well as the size, this may take anywhere between a few seconds and a few hours.
  1. Once completed, you will see the successful transfers listed at the bottom as well as the files on the right hand side of the screen:
    FileZilla - Successful Transfer
  2. If there are any errors, double check that all the steps have been followed correctly.

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