What is Whois?

The WHOIS domain lookup is a browser-based query and response protocol that is widely used by users searching for the domain’s current registrar, information on who owns the domain, when it was registered, and any available contact information.

Can anyone see who owns a domain?

Yes, anyone can use WHOIS. WHOIS is a publicly available database that provides information about a domain name. Click the links below to view the WHOIS lookup tools:

My information doesn’t match the Whois results, how do I change my whois information?

If you have purchased a domain through Conetix, please see the below articles on how to update your WHOIS information;

ID Protection on a GTLD Domain Name

Protecting your private information on the internet is extremely important. Conetix understands the importance of keeping your information and data safe. We Offer Free ID Protection for all of our .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .tv, .cc and .me Domains here at Conetix!

How do I find available domains?

You can search for available domains through your Conetix account or Click here

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