Conetix runs Parallels Virtuozzo to provide container based Virtual Machines (VM's) across both Windows and Linux. This provides full server level speed for running remote desktops and applications, yet all the isolation and control of traditional virtualised environments. There are also a number of other distinct advantages and differences, which are explained below.

Do I need to apply Windows updates?

No. The container based environment means we maintain all of the Microsoft Windows updates through our management system, alleviating the hassle and responsibility for the end client. Conetix also rolls this out in planned stages to ensure system stability and performance is maintained. Depending on the security level, these updates can occur as frequently as two weeks through to two months. All updates are conducted out of business hours and will result in a very small time period where your VM isn't accessible.

Why isn't there a paging file?

Container based VM's don't have a paging file and this is by design. The paging system resides outside of the containers and managed at a system level, this way the maximum performance can be obtained. If required, Conetix can enable the emulation of a pagefile for applications which need to see it. Container based platforms also run memory deduplication to reduce the system overheads, to provide more available memory for your applications. 

Can I still restart my VM?

Yes. Even with containers, full control of the system including stopping, starting and rebooting is possible. This control is available within the Conetix Control Panel.

Do you backup the servers?

Yes. We run nightly backups and keep up to a two week rolling set. These backups are intended to be for Disaster Recover purposes only, so that in the event of a catastrophic failure we can restore your system quickly. As we don't control the applications within the VM nor the data, clients must run backups at an application level to ensure the integrity of the data. Restoration of data from the Conetix backups may also incur a recovery fee.

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