When development changes are being published, Wordfence will sometimes not recognise the source of the post. Seeing the post attempt from an “unknown” source (Plugin or User) Wordfence will then attempt to block the attempt. This can occur for a number of varying reasons, actions performed by a new user, posts coming from a niche plugin or theme or the users IP is on a blacklist database.


You are posting new content to your site, when you hit publish/update, you receive the following warning from Wordfence:

wordfence background request blocked
  1. If you are the user making the post, click on “Add action to allowlist”


Adding the action to the allowlist means that the URL/parameters will be added to Wordfence’s whitelisted table and will not be tested by the firewall. They are typically added while the firewall is in Learning Mode or by an admin who identifies a particular action/request is a false positive.

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