When a WordPress website enters maintenance mode, the website’s content is hidden from visitors without being changed or otherwise affected. Visitors accessing your website while it’s in maintenance mode see the maintenance screen instead of the website content. Your WordPress website enters maintenance mode automatically when you are updating your WordPress website or copying data between WordPress websites via WordPress Toolkit. If you are making changes to your website and want to temporarily hide it from visitors, you can manually put it into maintenance mode.


  1. Login to the Plesk environment where the website is hosted and make your way to the sites subscription.
  2. Click on WordPress in the top ribbon.
  3. Find the WordPress instance that is displaying the maintenance page and disable/turn off Maintenance mode.
    wordpress toolkit -enable/disable maintenance mode
  4. Toggle the Maintenance mode slider to either enable.wordpress toolkit -enable/disable maintenance mode
  5. Once any work is complete, you can then disable by clicking the slider again.

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