3 Myths about Cloud Hosting

3 myths about cloud hosting

Myth One: It’s not secure

The fact is the cloud stores all information with strict security protocols. Unlike the regular hosting services cloud hosting does not store the data in a single machine or server. Your website will be hosted in multiple servers in different locations. Meaning there are multiple copies of your data to prevent loss in the case of a single disk/server failure or if a natural disaster destroys your data at one location.

Myth Two: It’s way too complicated

True, there a number of different clouding systems offering various level of complexity but the majority of cloud hosting plans are simplified and built with the customers’ needs in mind. When shopping for a cloud-hosting plan make sure you partner with a web hosting company that can set up the right fit for your business. Most plans are fully managed and require you to do little work.

Myth Three: 100% uptime

The reality is that 100% uptime, although the goal that every company aims for, is a perfection unattainable. It’s unrealistic to say that nothing will ever go wrong. There isn’t a single hosting provider with 100% uptime; Amazon, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter definitely don’t have 100% uptime. Most hosting companies will offer anywhere up to 99.99% uptime allowing that 0.1% if something should go wrong.

With many businesses already experiencing the benefits of the cloud its easy to see how this is becoming the benchmark for web hosting. Conetix provides Cloud Hosting plans tailored to websites of all sizes.

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