A web hosting affiliate program that builds your business

Recommend Conetix to your clients, and receive a perpetual commission of up to 20% for each website you host with us. Our affiliate program increases your passive income and permanently reduces your workload.

hosting affiliate program

Enterprise Grade Web Hosting
with up to 20% lifetime commission

How much time (and money) do you waste resolving frustrating web hosting issues? Our web hosting solutions take that pain away from you, and deliver income to you each month.

1 website with Conetix = $80 / year
5 websites with Conetix = $400 / year
10 websites with Conetix = $800 / year
50 websites with Conetix = $4,000 / year

We provide our Affiliates…

hosting affiliate program

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

An Affiliate Manager provides the personal touch you and your team deserve. Your dedicated Affiliate Manager is there to help your web business grow, from your initial onboarding through to assisting you to grow your monthly revenue.

hosting affiliate program

100% Australian-based hosting

Your customers care about their data being free from foreign interference: we keep their websites hosted safely on Australian soil. Local hosting also improves your site load speed, and increases the online visibility of your clients’ businesses by ranking higher with local SEO. Go Aussie with Conetix today.

hosting affiliate program

Free migration for existing sites

Conetix provides free migration from your current web hosting provider to our data centre when you sign on with us. We then help you secure recurring income - up to 20% of your clients’ monthly hosting fees - as part of our affiliates program. Please contact us to learn about our approach to migration.

3 Simple steps to earn extra income

hosting affiliate program

Register for free

We never ask our affiliates to pay us a cent. Get in touch to register as an affiliate and we will even host your own website for free.

hosting affiliate program

Migrate your customers

We help you migrate your existing clients over from their current website host to Conetix, for no charge, completely hassle-free.

hosting affiliate program

Refer and earn

Once you are a registered affiliate, you earn up to 20% lifetime commission for every customer you refer to us. Build your business with Conetix.

The earning potential for your business gets better with Conetix!

new websites for aBusiness Web Hostingplan each monthand have a passive income of
monthly after 1 year.

Income by the end of first year

You bill. We bill. Whatever suits you best.

Your business is important to us. That’s why we let you choose the billing model.
Want to white-label? Great! Want Conetix to worry about the billing and just collect your commission? No problem. Prefer to go to market together? We can make that happen.

hosting affiliate program

You bill

Conetix provides you with the infrastructure, directly supports you, and helps your web business.
  • Listing in our partner directory
  • Webinar and support articles
  • Special promotional material
  • Cooperative marketing
  • $0 Setup fee
  • Discounted partner pricing

We bill

hosting affiliate program
Conetix directly bills and supports your referred client. All you have to do is refer, and we do the rest.
  • Listing in our partner directory
  • Webinar and support articles
  • Special promotional material
  • Cooperative marketing
  • $0 setup fee
  • 90 day tracking link
  • Real time tracking
  • Monthly performance reports
  • 10% commission for the life of the account


hosting affiliate program
We know that there are some clients that you have a closer relationship with than others.

We also know that there may be some clients that need the occasional direct support that goes beyond your core expertise.

This is why you can have the best of both worlds: directly bill the priority clients you are spending more time on, while depending on Conetix 100% for others.

Already earning with us

Average Score 4.8
We recently migrated all our web hosting clients (around 280 sites) to a virtual server with Conetix; the team migrated all the sites for us. As a small but extremely busy WordPress agency we not only needed a host but a team we can count on and these guys deliver every time. I highly recommend Conetix.
hosting affiliate program
Richard Johnston
RJ New Designs
We used to host our clients’ websites overseas, from a data centre in the USA, but we have found significant increases in speed and SEO results from hosting with Conetix. Our clients are exceptionally well looked after, and Conetix have designed a tailored agency plan that works for us and our clients.
hosting affiliate program
Scott Maynard
Absolutely amazing support from every single member of the team. Jamin and his crew are friendly, efficient and thorough, and nothing is too much trouble. The best hosting support we’ve ever encountered. Read on...
Best Australian web host by far. My sites run so fast, and their support is second to none. I'm so glad I chose to move all my clients’ sites to Conetix. Best choice ever.

hosting affiliate program
Sarah Oates

Join them and start earning with Conetix today!

The CX Difference

Traditional Affiliate Programs

Cookie Tracking

90 days

60 days

Attractive reward program

24x7 Aussie Support

Regular payouts

Every 30 days

Every 60 days

Your questions, our answers

No. We believe that the best things in life are free – or at least they should be.

Easy! Simply access your Affiliate area via @ admin.conetix.com

No, but hosting your own site with Conetix is free once you refer a client to us.

We pay each month via Direct Deposit or Paypal.

$20 is the minimum payout, the maximum is really up to you.

Yes. You can access resources under your personalised Affiliate area.

  • We directly support clients that we are billing directly.
  • You are able to directly bill clients that you want to support personally.

Get started today

We will arrange a call to discuss how the Conetix Affiliate Program can help you achieve your business goals. If you don’t have time for a call, please type a message and we will come back to you by email.

hosting affiliate program