3 questions to ask when selecting a Web Host

3 questions to ask when selecting a web host

If you’re looking for a web host you have probably noticed there are hundreds out there all offering similar services. There are some major differences between web hosts, and selecting the right fit for your business can be a little tricky. Here are 3 questions you should ask before selecting a web host.

1. Are there any set-up or hidden fees?

This is probably the quickest way to safeguard you from contracts, lock-ins and costly set-up fees. You’ll find most web hosts offer their plans on a month to month basis, much like the phone companies.  Some will offer you no lock-in contracts with the ability to cancel anytime while others won’t. Be wary of any web hosts that charge set-up fees, this should always be part of the service and not charged.

2. Where are the servers located?

If you are an Australian business targeting Australian customers, than it is vital that the servers that host your site are based in Australia. By hosting with a web host in the same country as you, you have the peace of mind that most hosts can physically see how the servers are performing. More importantly, Google assumes you’re targeting the country in which your site is hosted, this could be a problem if you’re an Australian site but hosted in China.  

3. What happens when you get popular?

Don’t be penalised for getting popular and generating extra traffic to your site. Some hosts will charge you through your nose if you exceed your allocated resources for the month. Choose a web host that allows you to purchase extra resources when you need them, and can easily upgraded your plan as your requirements grow.

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