3 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic Without Spending a Fortune

3 ways to boost your website traffic without spending a fortune

Every website out there is doing their best to capture the attention and business of their target audience. The larger the audience you reach the more chances those visitors will become leads and generate business for your website. There are an endless number of tactics you can try to make your website more popular and generate those quality hits. Boosting traffic to your website shouldn't be a costly process, it can actually be quiet inexpensive. Below we list 3 simple, cost effective ways that you can boost the traffic to your website.

1. Get Social

Social media is a fundamental aspect to any marketing strategy. Being on social media is more than sharing the latest memes, it’s a platform for your customers to connect with you on a more personal level. Social media works to boost your traffic by sharing links back to your own website. Share your news, promotions, blogs or facts with a link back to your website for more information. Social media also allows your content to be shared by your followers and fans to their friends, driving even more traffic to your website.

2. Start Blogging

Blogging is the best way to share your expertise with your audience and is another easy way to increase your website hits. Bloggers should keep to their areas of expertise and focus on certain keywords in each blog they post. This will keep those search engine crawlers coming back to your website and ranking you for your appropriate keywords.

3. Maximise Online Directories

It should be your aim to get your website’s name, profile and URL in as many online directories as you can. There are hundreds of free directories online that you can already take advantage of. By having these links directing people to your website it will not only boost your SEO but also your website traffic.

Boosting the traffic to your website shouldn’t cost a fortune. Start small and leverage off cost-effective tactics to maximise your online hits without outsourcing and spending thousands of dollars. 

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