5 Awesome jQuery Plugins

5 awesome jquery plugins

Since its release in 2006, jQuery has triggered revolutionary changes in the world of web development and has now firmly consolidated itself as the ultimate JavaScript library. The appeal of jQuery lies in its accessibility and multi-faceted versatility. It streamlines common tasks with fast, free, cross-browser functionality to enable greater efficiency and ease of use when writing JavaScript.

The vast availability of plugins is one of the key factors that enriches jQuery and makes it the most popular JavaScript framework in the world. These tools facilitate advanced extension in design and development without being complicated and laborious, and can do wonders in enhancing the website user’s experience. Here are five of the best jQuery plugins we've stumbled across:


Cool Kitten

cool kitten jquery plugins

By injecting fluidity and elegance to parallax scrolling websites, Cool Kitten has made its mark as a foundation tool for responsive web design. This plugin supports all devices and desktop browsers and creates a fun and user-friendly experience.


Super-small and responsive, Unslider is an image slider that does one thing, but does it well. There are no fancy features, no special effects, but the basics are solid and uncompromised. It provides support for touch and keyboard interaction, and is easy to embed.



jquery menu-aim

This is a simple yet intuitive plugin that serves a small but valuable purpose. Its one real function is to enhance usability by preventing the erratic display of menus and sub-menus as the user tries to navigate through dropdown items. It does this by discerning the direction of cursor movement without a calculation lag, making the user’s experience quicker and slicker.



jquery nanogallery

Simplification is fundamental to nanoGALLERY. It’s a straightforward image gallery tool that’s almost as easy to put into effect as it is to use. It’s highly responsive, fast and touch-enabled, and supports self-hosted images and cloud storage.


Bootstrap Pagination

bootstrap pagination

The best feature of Bootstrap is that it provides a clean, responsive framework. The platform is architecturally sound, making it simple to cut through the learning curve and achieve clever results in a time-effective manner. The ready-made, customisable code allows easy implementation of pagination and a multitude of other components.


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