5 Awesome Tools For Website Designers

5 awesome tools for website designers

To remain competitive in the digital field, it's essential that website designers and developers keep a close eye on changes, updates and new techniques. What's the latest and greatest thing today could easily disappear into a sea of obsolescence tomorrow. It's not always easy to stay on top of the game, but with a few intelligent, time-efficient strategies, it's certainly possible. Here are five tools to make your life easier than you'd imagined possible.




This is the app that artists the world over have been waiting for. As you might know, demonstrating uniqueness is incredibly important to most creative types, and Triangly allows them to do just that. It's the first platform on the planet that enables personal branding. Users can come up with their very own online portfolio, which isn't like anyone else's, anywhere.




This app assists users to create seriously impressive digital publications without any experience or knowledge of coding. Its scope includes magazines, portfolios, presentations and microsites.


Fontface Ninja

font face ninja

You know that frustrating moment when you come across a font that you absolutely adore, but you can't find the name of it anywhere? Fontface Ninja is here to change all that. It's an extension for both Safari and Chrome that can help you to find the name of any font that you see online and therefore track it to its very source. The best part is that Fontface Ninja is free, so you can give it a whirl whenever you're ready.




One of the biggest challenges of creating striking web pages is finding awesome images, right? The good news is that Raumrot has come to save the day. It provides you with a huge range of specially selected stock photos for use in both personal and commercial projects – at no charge! They're available in both internet-friendly resolution and high-res.




If you've been looking for ways to improve your headlines, Sassline is here to help. It's a Sass collection of Mixins and style recommendations that can help you to organise and compose typography so that it looks more professional than ever before.


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