5 Useful Resources For Web Developers

5 useful resources for web developers

Web development has come a long way since the days of just writing in HTML. Because of the advances in HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming languages, the use of specific tools as well as online resources has become essential. Not only do the following tools help you to design and create a better browsing experience, they can also save you a lot of time and headaches – especially when troubleshooting specific problems.




"Marka" (or Mark in English) allows you to create popular icons and symbols and add them to your web pages using a single HTML element. While the icons look amazing, you are limited to just 36 different icons. These are all customisable in terms of colour though, and are great for adding some emphasis in your design without resorting to creating specific image based icons. A limited but very handy little tool that will save you some time coding.


Markdown Table

markdown table

Creating tables on web pages is pretty simple, but they can be frustrating to get "just right". This simple little tool allows you to create your tables with text and then simply copy the generated table wherever you want it. No more annoying and fiddly table formatting. Great when creating more complex tables you want to display in your writing or website.


CSS Gradient Inspector

css gradient inspector

A great little plugin for Google Chrome that makes the complicated task of checking a beautiful gradient simple. While your dev tools will allow you to view CSS, this plugin looks at gradients in particular. This simply adds that extra function for those of us that love to dig a little deeper in their web development tasks.




If you really want to use a gradient on your new web design but have no idea what colours to go with, this handy website will help you generate one and even provide the code for you! This site is perfect for when you have a rough idea about the colours you want to use in your gradient but aren't sure where to go from there.




So you have some code written that you are sure is going to work wonders with that new development? Well, this amazing site will let you run the code online. This is perfect for debugging new code or altered code that you aren't 100% sure about. There is also a large amount of user generated code to check out as well.

All of these little tools can really help developers speed up otherwise tedious processes. While we would all like to make use of as much coding knowledge as possible, sometimes a handy shortcut is the order of the day!

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