8 reasons to consider Managed WordPress Hosting

8 reasons to consider managed wordpress hosting

A successful WordPress website has a robust hosting provider behind the scenes managing plugins and maintaining site security. If you are a digital agency, freelance developer, or simply have limited knowledge managing a website, and you waste time on tasks you could be outsourcing, it is time to consider engaging with a Managed WordPress provider.

Read on for eight reasons why you should choose Managed WordPress hosting;

1. Complete Core, Plugin and Theme Management

It can be challenging to figure out the right ways to manage your WordPress site. Have you had a plugin update go wrong and stop your WordPress website from working? Or, been in a situation where no one is managing the updates, leaving your site vulnerable? 

Active WordPress management can be a major time-saver because of the convenience of never worrying about managing and updating your core, plugins and themes because a managed WordPress provider handles everything from the installation process and testing to security management. 

2. Customer support with robust WordPress knowledge

From technical challenges to core WordPress updates, it can feel like a major hassle to manage everything yourself. That is why you need a customer support team with a deep, technical understanding of WordPress to provide the right support.

An excellent Managed WordPress provider will offer support from experts with years of experience providing specialised support for WordPress-based sites. Whether it is a plugin conflict or a buggy theme, you can trust the experts to support you.

3. WordPress hosting servers located in your country

Domestic hosting can be a significant advantage when it comes to site performance. Choosing WordPress servers located in Australia improves your website performance by decreasing server connectivity delay. WordPress hosting servers based in Australia means you benefit from higher site speeds due to minimal latency.

The added benefit of keeping your data within Australia helps you with Data Sovereignty and Data residency security concerns or requirements.  

4. Protection from hacks and malware

With new digital threats emerging every day, it is crucial that you prioritise site security. A Managed WordPress provider takes charge of your security processes by providing enhanced security and monitoring options. Managed WordPress hosting creates a secure WordPress environment by actively monitoring for potential threats and malware. This protection extends into broader server-level monitoring to keep your digital resources safe.

5. Your WordPress website automatically backed-up

Most conventional hosting backups are highly technical and require a high degree of technical knowledge to function optimally. This can be a major inconvenience for most business owners that do not have the time to delve into the technical elements. Managed hosting prevents you from having to worry about manually backing-up your data by providing you with automated backup support.

6. Easy staging and local environments

A staging area is a copy of your website in a development environment that you can leverage to safely test and make changes before implementing them on your live site. A Managed WordPress hosting provider, can include simplified staging capabilities in your hosting plan. Simplified management of localised environments is a key feature that can help you with testing and deployment processes.

Accessing development tools during the testing phase ensures that the final iteration of your website is error-free upon deployment. Managed WordPress Hosting provides you with access to tools like Plesk WordPress Toolkit to simplify your development process when testing on your staging site.

7. Scaling as your website grows

With Managed WordPress hosting, the scalability of your Managed WordPress hosting plan is a major priority. Scalable hosting that grows with your website (and business) can be the ideal way to ensure that you have the right hosting and resources at your disposal in peak traffic times. For example, if you run an eCommerce site, you can be confident that your website will perform at the peak of the holiday season.

8. Managed WordPress is designed for high site performance

When it comes to digital metrics, site performance is the most important metric. Your site load speed can have a make-or-break affect on customer experience, so it is important to ensure your site performance is always up-to-par. Managed WordPress hosting allows you to benefit from superior performance because the server stack is optimised for a seamless WordPress experience.

Managed WordPress Hosting with Conetix

At the end of the day, Managed WordPress hosting is all about saving you the headache and optimizing your productivity by taking care of your technical requirements. With comparable prices to conventional hosting, it is clear that managed hosting is certainly worth the peace of mind.

Please get in touch with Conetix if you are a developer, digital agency or manage multiple WordPress websites. We would love to chat with you about how our Managed WordPress hosting solution can help.

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