• 21 May
    do your australian customers need data sovereignty?

    Do your Australian customers need data sovereignty?

    Is data sovereignty at the top of your priority list when managing your clients’ websites? For Australian developers and digital agencies that manage client websites within Australia, data sovereignty is an essential point to consider...
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  • 16 Jun
    webp: what is it and why should i use it?

    WebP: What is it and why should I use it?

    With one of the oddest and shortest names for a new technology in a while, WebP is a new image format which was originally developed by Google. The reason for this format is to improve...
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  • 30 Apr
    ocsp stapling: why should i enable it for my site?

    OCSP Stapling: Why should I enable it for my site?

    Since Google first announced that securing a website via a SSL certificate would be considered a ranking signal for SEO, lots of web hosting providers including us here at Conetix started providing free SSL certificates...
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  • 02 Apr
    what is a nulled plugin?

    What is a nulled plugin?

    Everyone loves things for free, which is one of the contributing factors which has led to the popularity of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). Now commanding over 60% of the CMS market, third...
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  • 06 Dec
    wordpress 5.0: gutenberg is here

    WordPress 5.0: Gutenberg is here

    Overview If you’ve been actively following WordPress’s development over the last 18 months, you’ll know that Gutenberg is a big deal. For those not familiar, Gutenberg is the new editing system for WordPress posts and...
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