Conetix Core Gets a Boost From FortiGate

conetix core gets a boost from fortigate

The team at Conetix have been working hard the past few weeks as we prepare to upgrade our core firewalls to the latest generation systems. This latest update is still in the testing phase but we’re excited to share the benefits this will have not only for our business but also our clients.

Our planned upgrade will provide a more advanced “active-active” High Availability (HA) system, whereby all units are active in the cluster to not only provide redundancy but to also provide load balancing. This means that clients will have greater protection from system failure as well as access to greater speeds.

Due to the complex networking involved with cloud computing, ease of management and advanced feature sets were also required for future growth. With more advanced threats evolving over the Internet each day, the other critical factor is a powerful Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). To provide real-time protection for clients, advanced IPS technology will detect and prevent malicious attacks against servers and websites.

The choice to go ahead with the high performance FortiGate product for this upgrade was predominantly based on the reliability and the advanced feature set this product provides. Compared feature for feature with other brands, it is one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) available on the market. Conetix Senior Systems Engineer, Sid Young, has also had previous hands-on experience installing and working with FortiGate allowing Conetix to easily proceed with the process of the upgrade.       

“We’re looking forward to this upgrade, the FortiGate platform is rock solid.” – Tim Butler, Conetix Enterprise Manager           

This upgrade to our firewalls is one of many initiatives currently undertaken by the Conetix team to ensure we offer a world-leading platform. Our aim is to source the best products on the market and continue to provide quality hosting solutions to our growing client base.

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