How to Protect Yourself From Domain Renewal Scams

how to protect yourself from domain renewal scams

Our previous article 4 Domain Renewal Scams to Avoid listed some examples of scams we’ve come across. This article is a follow on from the above and goes through how you can protect yourself and your business from domain renewal scams. And the best part is it’s easier than you’d think.


Domains & Your Information

The Internet is created to be open and accessible to everyone and with this comes some obvious concerns with privacy, as scammers can use easily accessible information to target businesses. It may interest you to know that any person or business can access registered domain information, including yourself. To do so visit AAUDA for .au registered domains and Internic for all other top level domain extensions. This information includes where the domain is registered, expiry date, original registration date, business associated with the domain name, email address used to register the domain (known as registrant email).

Domains & Scammers

Scammers like the ones mentioned in our previous post access your information from sites like this and use it to trick you into believing they are your registrar. The information that is publicly available is enough to help them draft a legitimate looking invoice.

What You Can Do

For a fee you can ask to be listed privately so that the only information available publicly is your registrar and expiry date, no other personal information will be accessible. This can be arranged through your reseller or registrar that set-up the original domain for you.

It is also important to mention that all unsolicited communication and advice should be dealt with great caution. Your registrar/reseller will contact you when your domain is due for renewal via the registrant email you provided when first setting up your domain registration.

If you have received any communication for domain renewal that seems illegitimate, contact your provider at first call, this could be a reseller or registrar. To clarity refer to your last paid invoice. AUDA is the governing Australian domain authority and has policies online available that will assist if you have fallen victim to a domain renewal scam. If you have an example of a domain renewal scam please let us know.


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